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Produced by FMC, Mop Households is a household cleaning tool of varying quality adjusting to consumer needs. We produce in various color variants, sizes, shapes and types. Including Mop T-Shape, Round Mop, Dust Mop, Squeeze Mop, etc. Mop / T-shape Mop is a 20cm x30xcm grid mop with a 110cm stick length. Materials that are strong and thick have high absorbency, are durable and efficient. So it is suitable for use in all areas of the floor. Round Mop is a Round 8cm diameter mop on the perimeter. Pel This is very easy to use and is equipped with a varied color design that makes consumers and mothers comfortable. Dust Mop / Mop Duster is a dust broom that measures in length from 35cm, 45cm, 60cm and 80cm. Available in various colors, sizes, shapes and types. The orders can adjust to the needs of consumers. The duster mop is available for building and household needs. By using quality materials in its class, Cleantex Product Products present reliable and quality products for the needs of household appliances. Designed with a nice and contemporary design suitable for all forms of other fields. We offer manufacturer and best prices for Resellers, agents, distributors who are ready to work together with us

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